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Registering to vote in Tennessee is by county. If you have moved to Polk County from any other Tennessee county or from another state you will be required to complete a new registration to be eligible to vote in Polk County.


 To register to vote ALL of the following qualifications must be met: 

  • Citizen of the United States;

  • Eighteen (18) years old, or will be on or before the date of the next election;

  • Resident of the State of Tennessee; and

  • Not have been convicted of a Felony or have had your Voting Rights restored as required by law.


You may use this form to change your name if the name change is due to marriage or divorce.


If you have moved within Polk County you may use this form to change your address.


If you have moved to another county or another state you will be required to register to vote in that county or state.


Please contact the Polk County Election Commission with any questions or for more information about registering to vote. 


Read before downloading and submitting voter registration form:

1) Print on WHITE paper only

2) Use
black or blue ink to complete form

3) Complete every question on form including ALL FOUR YES/NO questions

4) Tennessee requires your Social Security number in order to register to vote

5) Tennessee does not have any party registration

6) This form can be used for either change of address or name change if you are already registered in Polk County.

7) The 30th day before each election is the deadline to register to vote. Registration received after the deadline will be processed after the election. TCA§2-2-109

- click here to download and print the form


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